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  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist | NGH ID#: 56889 | National Guild of Hypnotist

  • Internationally Certified Wellness & Spiritual Coaching | ICF #755025

  • Creator of Total Body Awakening Therapy© 

  • Licensed Massage Therapy | TN & FL

  • Reiki Master | Energy Healer

  • Ordained Minister + Officiant

  • Personal Trainer

  • Extensive Studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine + Herbs | Florida College of Intergrative Medicine 

  • dOTERRA Wellness Advocate + Aromatherapist 

  • ​First Aid + CPR

Ms. Thalia L. Micah, CEO | Owner of Folk Botanicals Oasis, llc

chattanooga, tn


here your journey begins

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Bienvenue to Folk Botanicals Oasis! I am here to inspire your journey to natural and attainable healthy habits. I have always been bothered with having to take prescription medication myself. I remember never finishing my medication because of taste, size of the pills or even worst the side effects that would make me feel worst (sicker). Aside from the fact that, my roots are deep in the West Indies, I was raise on energy healings, herbs and natural healing, yet I was ashamed to admit true healing of the mind, body, soul, spirit and beyond occurs naturally with noninvasive techniques. 

If you are like me, you are undoubtedly not content with the mainstream, which only mask the symptoms, leading to cancer, mental disturbance, DNA alterations and many many more… It took me this long to arrive to this point because I am naturally a skeptical person, it would have to be proven to me over and over that natural healing works. With that said, I am still so amazed when a client has a breakthrough to improve their lives after the first, fifth or the tenth treatment. After all, it is “natural therapy,” time is perception.

 Clients usually come see me as a last result. Still, it is absolutely worthwhile to be able to see someone struggles come to an end! I am an Internationally Certified Life Coach, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master, and with extensive studies in Traditional Oriental Medicine and herbology. Opportunely, I studied from the best experts of TCM at Florida College of Integrative Medicine, which has given me the knowledge and skills to afford my clients with remarkable results and the ability to overcome health hurdles naturally and without side-effects so they can activate and remain a joyful, vigorous and fulfilled life! 

 I combine my knowledge of Traditional Oriental Medicine into all my treatments for every client. This is not a one size fits all practice, I will always deliver individual therapy to fit your unique healthy goals and needs.  Hence the reason why, I wanted to build a practice as such:

  • an environment that  is peacefull and stress-free

  • we use only organic products

  • all customized treatments for best results

  • our protocals are safe and non-invasive

  • we listen and genuily care about you

  • we strive to stay true to our roots

 ​As your healer, I combine an array of modalities to be able to get results especially for weight management, healing the past, physical pain, stress – anxiety – depression, increase your confidence, stop smoking, attract abundance, total body awakening massage therapy (coming soon) and more. I am passionate about what I do and look forward to your total transformation by addressing the root cause. Being at optimal health is a lifestyle, let’s get started on the road to a healthy and happy life!